Celestial Sound

The music of the spheres is the music created by the orchestra of the universe. Waves are based on the oscillation of a medium which rises and declines periodically. The period of time equals 1/frequency. The frequency equals 1/period of time.

The frequency f of the tone a‘ equals 1/440 Hz which equals 0,0022727 seconds. One earth day equals 1/86.400 seconds. The duration of the years of the saros period equals 1/18 seconds. The years of the precision of the earth axis equals 1/25.920 seconds. The first overtone of a sound is its octave with a proportion of 2/1. Multiplication of the value of the frequency with 2^n calculates a value which is audible to human beings. Electromagnetic waves can also be converted into sound.

The value received by applying the formula used to calculate the octaves of astronomical periods (1/a) times x times 2^n equals f is not accurate. Imprecise values occur at the astonomical and the musical level.

Recurring patterns, numerical series and periodicity of the cycles of the celestial bodies connect the sciences of music and cosmology.


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