Pythagoras regarded the cosmos as number and harmony. The physical frequencies which are symbolized by the scales form the core of music. For those who agree that the importance of harmony in music is timeless the production of electronic music is a challenge. Using a guitar-to-MIDI conversion system the sound diversity can be enhanced by using a fretless guitar.

Regardless of the limitations based on the memory of the converter the synthesizer creates the sound by mistuning the digitally controlled oscillators (DCO) relative to each other. The low-frequency oscillation (LFO) modifies the sound of the very low frequencies. Other effects like the tremolo, the pitch wheel or the vibrato for example influence the overall sound.

Musicians using instruments like the synthesizer can formulate their imagination of an ideal instrument. It is not necessary that one synthesizer produces 1000 and 1 sounds. It would be more impressive if the instrument permitted the creation of a specific framework of sounds including their overtones and undertones using precise tone generators. Composers are part of the process of producing the electronic instruments. The creation of the instrument defines the development of its music.


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