The Art of Engineering

Is audio engineering science or art? One could ask for a definition of science. Or it is possible to ask for a definition of the concept definition.

One could say: Science describes the cosmos in a way that general rules are derivable. These rules contribute to the comprehension of the cosmos and its positive development.

Science is dialogue, argueing, justifying and reasoning. Posing the right questions is more important than giving answers.

Audio engineering is theoretical. Sounds can be described in a physical and a mathematical sense. Audio engineering is empirical. The perception of sound can be captured with the method of statistical research. The scientist should use both methods which depend on each other and his view should move from one method to the other. Audio engineering is a form of art. Like mathematicians audio engineers prefer the most beautiful solution for a complex problem. It does not make a difference whether a human being programs a computer which composes a piece of music or whether the human being composes the computer music himself.

Combined with the art of composing audio engineering is an artistic science creating a sonic impression based on numbers and proportions. It deserves the most sophisticated appreciation.


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