Binaural Beats

The psychoacoustic role of composing is important because it determines the perception of music. It is also significant for the creation of hardware which supports the most sophisticated music experience.

Because the tradition of the science of psychoacoustics is not long the effects of brainwave music and binaural beats are still being researched. Binaural beats are based on the creation of sound with different frequencies for the left and right box. The sound should be a pure-tone sine wave with a low frequency and the difference between both partial sounds should be less than 40 Hz. Alpha waves, beta waves, theta waves and gamma waves are neural oscillations resembling the electrical waves of the brain.

The brain has the ability to imagine sounds which do not appear physically. This auditory illusion is the basis for the invention of the MP3. The creation of an imagination of sounds has become an important aspect of composing. Breaks are not regarded as space for imagination because they do not connect parts of the piece of music but interrupt them.


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