Guitar-to-MIDI System

The guitar-to-Midi system converts the analog signal of the guitar into MIDI. The converter uses the methods of quantification and harmonization. Alterations to specific tones can be limited based on the memory of the converter. The use of a fretless guitar is a particular challenge for the storage capacity of the converter.

The noise resulting from the change from the bass strings to the nylon strings can be attenuated by setting the responsivity of the converter but it cannot be eliminated. While the guitar-to-Midi system based on hardware is very expensive and needs a lot of equipment with virtual MIDI guitar software no particular hardware is necessary.

Using a guitar to MIDI system
the guitar player can develop his guitar skills and techniques and at the same time he can integrate electronic sounds. He can develop different ways of plucking the strings and phrasing and is able to experiment with sounds. It is possible to improvise using the guitar as a traditional instrument. The musician can interact with a virtual musical companion based on AI.

Applied by a trained musician who respects the particularities of the guitar-to-MIDI conversion system the sound can have an excellent quality.


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