The Music of the Primes

Insecure trials of the past can become techniques which are acknowledged. Even an attempt which fails can be an important result. This is especially true for the trial to determine the regularities of distances between prime numbers with neural nets.

Prime numbers possess properties which can be described but have not been proven. They include the Goldbach conjecture, the twin prime conjecture and the abc conjecture. The significance of prime numbers is not restricted to the realm of encryption.

It seems as though prime numbers can only be described indirectly. From a physical and mathematical point of view and from a musical perspective a connection between oscillations and prime numbers has been stated. This relationship is especially important for the realm of audio engineering.

Prime numbers are benchmarks in the tonal system. In an indirect way prime numbers are integrated into the system of sounds. They are essential factors participating in the system of the non-prime numbers. Musical frequencies and intervals can be described as proportions which contradict the nature of prime numbers. Primes do not participate directly in the tonal system, but they play an important role in the regular and symmetric system of music.


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